Anxiety and Stress

When our feeling of personal safety is uncertain and the number of potential sources of stress in our lives increases, anxious thoughts may arise, leaving little room for calmness and relaxation.

Stress cannot be prevented, only managed, but often, the stress itself isn’t generated by the ‘event’, rather it’s generated by our own personal subjective perceptions.

People can torment themselves with their own internal issues and create strong, real feelings of stress and anxiety as a result. Perhaps you can relate to crippling perfectionism or fixed ideas about how other people ‘should’ be, or perhaps you have a need for things to be orderly in a rigid way.

Together we will identify any tendencies you have to overestimate the risks you have and underestimate your resources and ability to cope. By increasing your ability to relax and increasing your sense of self-control will further enhance your concentration, clearer thinking and problem solving, time management and self-esteem.

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