Is a black cloud constantly hovering over you?

Do you dread waking up in the morning because you already know that you will feel for the rest of the day, fighting negative feelings that appear and seem to get the better of you?

Depression is a paradox; Complex, yet simple at the same time. Mood disorders are among the most prevalent form of mental illness and serious depression is becoming increasingly more common. The symptoms vary from person to person and it is reported that one in four people will suffer with some form at some point in their lives.

Depression can be a sign that something is wrong and, left untreated, it can have a huge impact on your health, work, finances and relationships, so it is strongly advisable to seek help from your GP. If motivation for change exists, many people find hypnotherapy useful for managing many of the symptoms of depression, when used alongside other forms of treatment.

Hypnosis can help by

  • Reducing levels of anxiety and providing a relief from stress
  • Enhancing your feelings of general well being
  • Increasing your confidence and self esteem
  • Exploration of memories or past or current relationships
  • Identification of any root causes and positive visualization for a hopeful future

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