Exam Stress

Do you feel anxious at the first thought of an exam? You are certainly not alone, as many of us feel a sense of stress ahead of an important ‘performance’.

The ‘right amount’ of stress can help, by motivating us and keeping us focused. However, too much and we can lose focus and allow negative thinking and self-criticism to take over….

Success in exams depends on your academic efforts but equally depends on your state of mind. Walking into the exam room with confidence and a successful mindset can help you to perform in exams with ease.

Hypnosis can help by:

  • Helping concentration, understanding, memory and recall
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Reducing ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses in exam situations
  • Ability to cope with any unexpected questions
  • Reframing possible outcome enabling a more relaxed and helpful way of working
  • Feel confident within yourself that you will recall the information needed at the right time
  • Getting a better nights sleep so that you are refreshed and ready

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