Memory and Learning

We all have far more ‘brain power’ than we will ever fully use and hypnosis can be used to enhance every aspect of studying and achieving your goals.

It is recognized that there are three key stages in learning and developing skills:

  • Cognitive Stage – planning and preparation
  • Associative Stage – practice, repetition and reducing mistakes
  • Autonomous Stage – automatic performance, naturally and without conscious thought

Hypnosis can assist in the processes by encouraging understanding, clarity and help to speed up the unconscious integration, allowing learning to happen much more smoothly by:

  • Helping concentration, understanding, memory and recall
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Reducing ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses in exam situations
  • Reframing possible outcome enabling a more relaxed and helpful way of working
  • Feel confident within yourself that you will recall the information needed at the right time

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