Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Are your rituals controlling you?

If you are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) you will have persistent, upsetting thoughts (obsessions) and use rituals (compulsions) to control the anxiety these thoughts produce.

Common rituals are the need to repeatedly check, count or touch things, particularly in a specific sequence, hand washing, excessive cleaning and neatness. You may also have difficulty throwing things out and so hoard unnecessary items or worry excessively about germs, dirt or causing harm to someone or something.

Whilst it is healthy to have rituals, such as checking to see if the gas hob is turned off, or the door is locked, the difference with OCD, is that it interferes with daily life and the repetition is distressing.

The first port of call is your GP for a medical diagnosis. Hypnotherapy can help if a complimentary therapy is advised as it may be able to obtain a relatively quick change in behaviour and thinking.

Firstly, hypnotherapy encourages you to consciously think in a different way and secondly, it can work in partnership with your unconscious, by changing your thoughts and feelings.

By changing your thinking, you can take control of your OCD, call Jenny NOW for your FREE consultation.

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