Sports Performance

Often, the agitated, slumping athlete has visualised images of failing, which can, all too easily get translated into actual failure. Through hypnosis, we can build positive images which can completely turn around a performance.

Essential to giving an outstanding performance is having the ability to have precise control over one’s body and mind and the requirement for intense concentration is clear. Hypnosis is used as a technique in a variety of ways:

• Training schedules
• Pre-competition routines
• Interaction with peers, coaches, officials, family, media
• Physical preparation
• Competitive tasks
• Prediction of unexpected events
• Post-competitive experience
• Visualisation,
• Arousal management
• Anchoring
• Goal Setting

Hypnosis cannot provide extra ‘talent’ to athletes, it simply amplifies the skills you already have, giving greater access to as much of your potential as possible.

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