ConfidenceAmazing things can happen when we believe in ourselves. Self-confidence, is a feeling or belief that we have faith in ourselves.

You have what it takes. But confidence is a state of mind and self-doubt can creep in and wedge itself firmly between us and our opportunities.

Self Schema

You can hold a set of beliefs or ideas about yourself that is self-fulfilling and leads to a bias. Believe you are and you’re already halfway there as these ‘self-schemas’ influence our own behaviour. For example, if you believe that you are terrible at speaking in public, there is a very good chance that you will actively avoid doing it and secondly, if unavoidable, you’re likely to experience anxiety.

Confidence Training

Hypnotherapy can help to turn self-doubt into self-worth. During my confidence training sessions, we will work on three key areas.

Confidence boost. Overcome timidity, believe in yourself and project your true personality.

Assertiveness. Situations arise everyday which require you to be assertive. From expressing your opinion and asking for what you want to feeling free to offer ideas and say NO (without feeling overwhelmed by guilt).

Increased self-esteem. With confidence and assertiveness in place, you’ll experience a surge of self-esteem. Self-worth, plays a powerful role in motivation too for increased get up and go.

By changing your thoughts, you can change your world and increased confidence can be life changing.