Great. It’s that time of year (again) when our eight-legged friends are most likely to be spotted scuttling across our bedroom floor.

For anyone suffering from arachnophobia, late Summer and Early Autumn is open season for anxiety levels to rise.

Can you imagine though, for a moment, feeling totally fine about spiders?

Instead of shrieking, you remain cool, calm and collected as you gently scoop up Mr Hairy Legs and return him to the outside world. Imagine looking at a spider with curiosity or, even better still, not even noticing or caring that a gigantic specimen has decided to watch the weekly episode of Cold Feet perched on your shoulder.

If spiders seriously bother you, then it’s time to take control.

Hypnotherapy for arachnophobia is a very effective way to rid yourself of this unwelcome behaviour. A single session utilising the rewind technique is a long-established way of transforming the way you think, feel and behave about spiders. It works for other phobias too.

If you have around 90 minutes to spare and would like to change, I’d love to hear from you.