Hypnotherapists typically work on a one to one basis, in a comfortable setting, using techniques that firstly encourages relaxation and secondly skilfully encourages the unconscious mind to think and behave differently enabling your new behaviour or thoughts to become automatic.

The first step towards ‘being a better version of you’ takes place away from the session itself. We need a clear idea of what you want (what you really, really want). What do you need to do differently? How you would like to think? How do you want to behave?

Once this is clear, the pathway towards ‘the new you’ can be established during the hypnotherapy session itself, which lasts approximately 60 – 90 minutes.

The process can be misunderstood. Hypnotherapy does not control your mind. Infact, the opposite. Hypnotherapy puts you back in control and works in partnership with your inner voice to change negative thought and behaviour patterns that are holding you back.

Well known for stopping smoking, you may be surprised by the wide variety of areas in why hypnotherapy can help. Virtually anything linked to thoughts and behaviour can be improved using hypnotherapy.

Most people are also surprised how enjoyable their sessions are. As break from the bustle of everyday life, it’s an opportunity to stop, switch off the phone, relax and focus on changing your life for the better.

Once you’ve experience hypnosis, self-hypnosis can be taught too, so your newly discovered relaxation skills can be taken away and the benefits felt for the rest of your life.