SugarFollowing Dry January, Cancer Research have launched a brilliant new fundraising initiative, Sugar Free February. We are encouraged to lock up fizzy drinks, cordials and frothy coffees and ditch sugary cereals, chocolates, sweets, ice cream, sugary yoghurts, cakes and biscuits from our diets.

The Bitter Truth

Considering that sugar has now been linked by many to a whole host of health nasties including depression, cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes, choosing healthier alternatives is a no-brainer. So far, so good.

So why haven’t we all already jumped right in and kicked the habit? Why is it that kids are having nearly three times more sugar than they should? Consciously we know. We know that sugar is bad for us and our families, however knowing is one thing, doing can be quite another….

The Bottom Line

Sugar is reported to have the same addictive qualities as Class A drugs. So, when Cancer Research challenge us to ‘Prove Our Willpower’, we may need this great human strength by the sack load to battle through the effects of going cold turkey from this highly addictive substance.

Hypnotherapy can help with willpower. In a study by New Scientist, it found that ‘hypnosis is the most effective way, and five times more effective than sheer willpower alone’ as a way of giving up smoking. As both nicotine and sugar highjack the brain with their super stimuli powers, similar techniques can be used for both health horrors.

Top Down, Bottom Up

Willpower needs a ‘top down’ conscious effort; the ability for self-control, resilience and determination. Hypnotherapy works on your unconscious behaviour; a ‘bottom up’ approach that reinforces your natural willpower and creates automatic helpful behaviour instead. “A doughnut? No thanks, WOW did I really just say that?”.

Specifically, hypnotherapy can significantly ease your cravings for sugary foods. It is entirely possible for you to lose your taste for sickly, sweet, sugary foods and your desire for sticky, sweet drinks and instead to naturally prefer clean, refreshing alternatives. After just one session, it can be much easier to avoid foods that fur up your arteries and instead to create a new behaviour that values fresher, healthy alternatives.

The health benefits are clear. Within a few days, the effects of clearing out the sweet poison, will start to show. For example, you can expect to sleep better, have improved energy levels and enjoy a healthier immune system. As excess sugar also contributes significantly to weight gain, you’re also very likely to lose weight too. Sweet.