Weight Loss

During my six session motivational weight loss programme, we will specifically enhance your ability to reduce weight, maintain weight loss and prevent future weight gain.

Perhaps you want to lose weight with a specific date in mind? Or perhaps over-eating has become a habit or you feel compelled to eat when you are feeling sad, stressed, bored, lonely or angry?

We’ll work together to identify your:

1. Goal weight
2. Dream weight
3. Happy weight
4. Acceptable weight
5. Disappointed weight

and, using hypnosis, together we take a fresh, relaxing approach that enables and empowers you to gain control and break the cycle of your self-destructive patterns once and for all by developing new behaviours that enable you to achieve and, most importantly, naturally maintain your goal weight.

Get help today from a qualified hypnotherapist and stop the struggle. Call Jenny now on 01730 302377 or text 07867 506639 for a FREE consultation.

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